Now I know what you’re thinking? That’s weird, a page on a wedding dress shop’s website that’s called ‘Relax’???  

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Well actually I’m glad you clicked it because this is a really important page. If you’re completely at ease with wedding dress shopping and have no concerns at all, feel free to check out some of our stunning dresses that we have in-store.  Maybe you can take a look at the wish list feature and start pulling together your list of faves for us to pull for you when you come and visit us for your appointment.  If though, you are worrying about wedding dress shopping I wanted to take the opportunity to reassure you that a lot of brides feel that way and that this is understandable given the importance of the event. 

Many brides (not all) will worry about a whole range of things because (let’s face it) getting married is a really big deal and you are going to want to look your absolute best on your special wedding day….  The main point of this page is to say; please don’t worry about coming in to see us, we are skilled at putting Brides at ease and skilled at styling Brides. We are warm, welcoming and friendly so you really can ‘relax’ knowing that if you’re coming to see us you’ll have a great time.

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If you’re still reading, it may be because you are little anxious. So I thought it might help for you to know about the things that Brides often worry about, here’s a run down; not fitting into dresses, not having a ‘moment’, not liking anything, not pleasing the entourage, being stared at by other brides and (this is the worst one) basically not being able to find a gown that you look and feel a million dollars in!  Well worry no more, you can honestly relax! (See now why we called this page relax?)…  You see, honestly? We get it, and we are here for you!  For 18 years we’ve made it our absolute mission to put you, our brides at ease.  Your experience is entirely private (and very special) and we genuinely want you to have incredible time when you visit.  We promise that we’ll do our upmost to style, support, uplift and enthuse!  We will also do everything that we can to create a magical experience for you and find you the absolute gown of your dreams that makes you feel amazing! That’s a promise!


Love from Abi & The A-Team x

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