Why Visit Abigail’s Collection & The Grooms Room?

Why Visit Abigail’s Collection & The Grooms Room?

Why Visit Abigail’s Collection & The Grooms Room?. Mobile Image

Feb 13, 2024

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, every bride dreams of a unique and unforgettable experience whilst shopping for their wedding gown. Located in the heart of Colchester in Essex is our gorgeous wedding dress and menswear business; Abigail's Collection and The Grooms Room.

We have earnt our reputation as a multi-award-winning bridal and menswear business over the last 18 years. We’re a family based business (husband and wife duo, God knows how we made it this far, lol) …. Seriously now, we offer brides and Grooms a truly personalised and private shopping experience!  We’re often told that we go beyond the ordinary in terms of appointments and have a strong skill in making customers feel special, which is our passion and, above all else, our collective aim.

There’s lots of reasons to visit us, here’s a few;


A Legacy of Excellence:

We’re so proud that we boast a legacy of excellence in the bridal industry. With a multitude of prestigious awards (29, including 8 best in UK titles) we consistently set the standard for quality and service. Our accolades not only reflect our commitment to customer satisfaction but we like to think it also indicates a level of expertise that ensures our brides and grooms receive the best guidance in finding their dream wedding dress or special wedding suit.


Unparalleled Selection:

One of the key reasons brides should make a beeline for us at Abigail's Collection is the incredible selection of bridal gowns. From classic and timeless styles to contemporary and on trend modern designs, our collection caters to every bride's unique taste and preference. Our carefully curated assortment of bridal gowns ensures that brides have a wide array of options, making it easier to find the dress that resonates with our Bride’s vision for the big day.  We have a handpicked collection of incredible designs from some of the world’s leading designers, most Brides that visit us fall in love with a gown, which is testament to the amazing designs and beautiful wedding dresses on offer.  On that note of course we have gorgeous brides say yes to the dress with us from Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent and London but we have also served brides who have flown in from New York, Dubai and Holland to become Abigail’s Collection Brides!  How incredible is that?


Exclusive Menswear:

Not just limited to brides, we also cater for the groom and his party. The Grooms Room offers a fantastic collection of menswear, ensuring that the wedding couple looks super cohesive and stylish! Our one-stop-shop approach allows couples to streamline their wedding preparations, saving time and ensuring a harmonious aesthetic for them both.  From hire to made to measure, bespoke to off the peg we are confident that we can create a fabulous look for anyone (male or female) at The Groom’s Room.


Personalized Consultations:

Our private (and complimentary) appointments provide a truly personal shopping experience. Brides are not just customers to us; you are valued individuals with unique dreams and desires and you are in the midst of planning one of the most amazing and special days of your life!!! Our dedicated team will take the time to understand each bride's vision, offering personalized consultations to guide you through our extensive collection. We want you, our customers to feel heard, understood, and ultimately, confident in your choice of gown or suit.


Expert Guidance:

With years of experience in the bridal sector, our knowledgeable staff at Abigail's Collection and The Grooms Room are more than just salespeople (and by the way we don’t run on a commission basis) they are Stylists and wedding attire consultants! Their expertise extends beyond knowing the latest trends; they understand the intricacies of fit, fabric, and style. Brides benefit from expert guidance, ensuring that they not only look stunning but also feel super comfortable and confident on their special day.


Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

Abigail's Collection and The Grooms Room boast a plethora of positive reviews and heartfelt testimonials from satisfied brides and grooms! These testimonials not only reflect the excellence in service but also serve as a testament to the team’s dedication to creating memorable experiences for ourclients.

For our brides and Grooms in Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Kent and beyond, a visit to Abigail's Collection and The Grooms Room is not just a shopping trip; it's an experience.  The combination of an award-winning legacy, an incredible selection of bridal gowns and menswear, personalized consultations, expert guidance, and meticulous attention to detail make our family-based business a standout choice for couples embarking on their wedding journey. It means so much to us that Brides and Grooms will travel far and wide to see us, we promise a warm welcome awaits.

We aim to turn the bridal shopping experience within out store into a cherished memory, ensuring that every bride (and Groom) feels truly special on their big day… Come and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.