Why Do We Have The Most Amazing Customers?

Why Do We Have The Most Amazing Customers?

Why Do We Have The Most Amazing Customers?. Mobile Image

Jun 15, 2016

We’ve always proudly looked after Brides irrespective of their wedding day budget, shape and size and over the years we’ve received some really amazing (and emotional letters/reviews) from our Curvier Brides who have always said that we have really made a difference to how they felt about their wedding day. It’s the phenomenal feedback and encouragement from our curvier customers which urged us to expand our department of plus size wedding dresses, accessories, shoes, lingerie and underskirts


We recently received an amazing Facebook review from a gorgeous plus size bride, it reminded us what a difference we as bridal consultants can really make to a bride when shopping for a wedding dress.  It also made us all feel very lucky indeed to do what we do and to have the chance to be of service to so many amazing ladies, this is what she wrote and we thought we would share it with you all…


‘I’m a plus size lady and the thought of standing in my underwear in front of a total stranger trying on dresses was my worst nightmare. In fact going wedding dress shopping was the last thing on my mind. However Nicola put me at complete ease and explained that I’d get a private room, glass of wine/tea etc. and get to try on as many dresses as I wanted which sounded perfect and I booked straight away.


In the lead up to my appointment I was extremely nervous and if I’m honest was thinking of excuses I could call up with to get out of my appointment as I was absolutely dreading it.


I wish I’d have saved myself all the worry & stress though, as from the minute I met SJ she was extremely welcoming and settled my nerves instantly. She made me a cup of fruit tea and we began trying on dresses, I had that much fun that I didn’t even get to drink my tea haha. SJ has that aura about her that makes you warm to her instantly. It was like I already knew her rather than having just met her.


I didn’t question the way I looked once whilst stood in front of her in my underwear as she didn’t judge me whatsoever and made me feel so comfortable. I honestly cannot recommend her enough. She made my first wedding dress experience such an amazing one and if it wasn’t for her, I honestly believe that I wouldn’t have found my dream dress. She made it such an enjoyable experience and I love how honest she is and how she joins in with the whole excitement of it all.


I knew I had found ‘the one’ as soon as I put it on simply from the look on SJ’s face, that and the fact my mum was crying before I even came out from behind the curtain haha I enjoyed it that much that I can’t wait to come back with my bridesmaids and I’m looking forward to my accessories appointment.


I cannot recommend Abigail’s collection enough! It was the first wedding dress shop that I had made an appointment with and I walked away with my dream wedding dress. How many other brides can say that?! Thank you so much I absolutely love my princess dress and cannot wait to wear it again xxxx’


As you can imagine, we all needed tissues!  This review made our day and we are really proud that customers feel really special when they visit us and that is exactly as it should be!


We are often told we have one of the best plus size wedding dress collection in Essex, we are based in Colchester town centre on the high street which is half way between Ipswich and Chelmsford. Our collection are sized between 20 and 38 and they are totally gorgeous and utterly flattering for our plus size brides!  So if you are a fuller figure Bride with curves, are concerned about trying on wedding dresses or are worried that wedding dresses in the usual wedding dress shops may not fit you then come to see us and worry no more – we’ll take great care of you and treat you to the VIP service that you deserve! Click here for more information.


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