Who Says Romance is Dead?

Who Says Romance is Dead?

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Feb 17, 2014

So did you and your other half do anything super duper special n’ romantic for Valentines day? Yep? Well we did too – although some would say we got sucked into the commercial vacuum that is ‘V day’ too…. My brother Alex calls it ‘Clintons Card Day’ which makes me laugh but in truth I love a bit of romance and I’m a lucky lady really because 13 years later and I still get beautiful roses and dinner together somewhere special….. My husband Rob arranges it always, he is a total darling, I love him!


This year we popped to one of our all time favourite restaurants; ‘The Blue Strawberry’ at Hatfield Peveral, it was absolutely wonderful as usual and anyone who has visited there will know what I mean when I say that it really is one of the best eateries in Essex, if you haven’t been then what are you waiting for? Get your bums along; the food is excellent, the service unbeatable and atmosphere utterly wonderful….


Unusually the tranquillity at The Blue Strawberry was interrupted for a few minutes this valentines …. A couple booked into another part of the restaurant had an explosive and very public row, it was over as quickly as it started and really didn’t spoil the evening for anyone else, in-fact in an awkward kinda’ way I think everyone felt lucky that it wasn’t them involved with the situation and snuggled back to their dinner and intimate conversation with ease. No idea why or what was really going on but put it this way; the language was remarkably loud and extremely colourful, accusations flew and you could say that their valentines day dinner was anything but romantic!! Ours was lovely though and their public display of disrespect, dishonour and blatantly crude and distasteful behaviour served as a great reminder of how lucky we are to have each other… Hope you had a Happy Valentines Day and for anyone who didn’t go out of their way to show their other half how much they care, well, better late than never, do something lovely this week instead!