What Are The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Dress Shopping?

What Are The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Dress Shopping?

What Are The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Dress Shopping?. Mobile Image

May 19, 2019

Abi here ….. So apparently it’s all about being an expert in your field these days! I’m not so sure that I should call myself a wedding dress ‘Expert’ but I do agree that being passionate and successful in your industry can only be a good thing and having dressed brides for 13 years I guess I do know a thing or two about wedding dress shopping. It’s really important to provide a sense of reassurance and confidence to you; our customers. So I thought it might be helpful to share this article with you, it’s an excerpt from the latest Confetti mag on wedding dress shopping which some useful tips and insider prep for you, thought I’d share, here goes …


Abi Neill, Bridal Pro and Boutique Owner gives us the inside scoop on how to stress less and love dress shopping more with these must do’s and don’ts….


Don’t let stress and panic about the wedding dress set in. Keep it in perspective. There is a beautiful dress out there waiting, you will find it! You will look stunning! Breathe! Sometimes it can all feel totally overwhelming, this is normal, don’t worry.


Don’t fret about losing baby weight or having a facelift before embarking upon shopping! Find a dress you shine in now and you will feel a million dollars by the wedding day itself. Please don’t put heaps of pressure on yourself before you come and see us. There'll be gorgeous dresses that you feel amazing in we are quite sure. In our 13 years of dressing brides and helping to find the one, it has been very rare for a bride to simply not like anything or feel good during a fitting with us.


Don’t forget wedding dress shops carry many stunning gowns from as little as £399. If you’re a bride who doesn’t want to break the bank on a dress remember there are many bargains and sample sales to be found at local boutiques, just let us know what your range is and we’ll work within it, no problemo.


Don’t risk going dress blind by booking four plus appointments! Start with one or two shops and book more afterwards if you need to. Yikes – such a toughie!! So tempting to book heaps of appointments but I would warn against this, it can become really confusing and then you’ll lose the magic (and probably your mind on the way).


Don’t try on more dresses after you’ve found the one! Keep the magic! When you fall in love - stop looking, just as you did (or should have done) when you agreed to marry your loved one.


Do crucial pre-appointment research - Check out a shop’s collection, service and reviews! Decide where to visit and avoid bridal burn out by scheduling no more than two appointments in one day – you can always book more at a later date.


Do consider visiting bridal boutiques during the week as there’s often more time and flexibility to relax and not feel in any way rushed. It’s usually calmer and more private. Also don’t forget for an extra special day schedule a lunch or nibbles pit stop somewhere in-between.


Do remember that you never know when you’ll find the one. Often it’s a special moment so ensure your bestie and co are by your side. Be warned that taking more than a few shopping companions can often cause unnecessary bridal stress, you might think it will be great fun but actually most brides just find the varied opinions of a larger group hard to manage and stressful.


Do keep an open mind! Sometimes it’s the one you least like on the hanger or sometimes you will fall in love with a style that’s entirely different to your preliminary ideas. Trust your stylist to guide you.


Do ensure that you empower yourself to lead on the dress decision and tell your #bridetribe how you feel. Remember this is your day! Your dress! Your celebration! YOU got this! Have fun, enjoy, we’re right with you.


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