Wedding Fayre Play at Woodhall Manor

Wedding Fayre Play at Woodhall Manor

Wedding Fayre Play at Woodhall Manor. Mobile Image

Apr 30, 2013

Woodhall Manor in Suffolk is such a divine wedding venue…. Bedrooms that you literally don’t want to leave, beautifully manicured grounds and stunning rooms in which to celebrate.


It’s been a while since I visited Woodhall Manor, my colleagues attended the last few fayres held there and despite it being Sunday  I’ll be honest I was really looking forward to my day of work talking shop and being with Brides in planning mode at such a fab venue!


I managed to bag myself a spot right next to a beautifully sunlit window so after setting up I was able to stand in the sunshine n’ chat to prospective customers.


I enjoyed laughing with one Bride who clearly enjoys being in control of the wedding day plans and her Groom’s wardrobe, she’s a self confessed control freak (a very likeable one I must add) … And she’ll definitely be visiting The Groom’s Room WITH her husband to be to help choose his Menswear hire suits, I can’t wait to welcome them in-store they were a lovely couple and have a fabulous wedding theme planned (I LOVED the colour theme … Shhhh, I couldn’t possibly say).


Another family were teasing each other about who gets which bedroom at Woodhall Manor! I was asked my opinion on if the Father of The Bride had priority over the Mother of the Groom in terms of room choice!?! I didn’t dare suggest they share especially not in earshot of respective other halves, lol.  Well who knows who will win that one …


And later I was in awe of a new Mum all glammed up, wedding files at the ready and carrying a 2 week old baby boy! … I think it took me about 6 weeks to even get dressed after giving birth never mind leave the house!?! Planning a hair wash was tough enough never mind a wedding, fair play to that un-phased and clever lady, they have a lot to celebrate that’s for sure!


A tad embarrassing were my attempts to enthusiastically tell a rather handsome Groom and his beautiful fiancé all about our stunning made to measure suit and shirt service… I missed the ‘r’ out of shirt … They booked in despite my embarrassing tongue tie situation, I haven’t told Rob about my new promo patter, I may not incase I’m sacked.


All in all the day was really lovely – Brides and Grooms planned, families chattered and little flower girls giggled and I realized how lucky I  am to so often be a part of such an incredible journey made by so many!


Thanks to all of the Woodhall Manor staff, a lovely day had by all, see you again sometime soon and we look forward to looking after Woodhall Manor’s Brides, Grooms, Mums and Bridesmaids!