Wear Your Dress Again at Our Wedding Belle Ball!!

Wear Your Dress Again at Our Wedding Belle Ball!!. Mobile Image

Feb 23, 2010

Wow!! It’s certainly been busy for us!! The shop has literally been buzzing with lots of lovely Essex Brides and Grooms some of which are still shopping for Summer 2010 weddings!!!  Girls, Girls, Girls …. why have you left it this long?  Well don’t panic, it’s no problem – if you still need help with your wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses or Groomswear for Summer 2010 just contact us and we’ll get you booked in asap…  On a personal note February’s always a big month for Neill celebrations, of course there is Valentines day but Rob and I also enjoyed our birthdays this month (well I sort of enjoyed it but realised it was finally time to invest in some new anti-wrinkle cream much to the delight of Estee Lauder!).  On 26th of Feb we celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary, this year it’s represented by wood!  Yes, it’s Wood?!! (When exactly is it gold or diamonds Ladies?)  Anyway, ‘wood’ aside, we’ve booked the day off work and intend to do something lovely together, perhaps lunch somewhere special and a romantic dog walk in the ‘woods’.  I may persuade Rob to watch our wedding dvd again.  I always cry when I watch it.  Our wedding day at Layer Marney Tower was everything that we had dreamt of, we had so much fun together and I have often wished that we could have our wedding day all over again which is (drum roll please) why I am soooooooo excited to tell you about our latest project ‘The Essex Wedding Belle Ball’, it’s a chance for us to wear our wedding dresses again whilst the Guys glam it up in a Tux!!  The venue will be set with with a special red carpet entrance and a sparkling champagne reception followed by fabulous dinner and dance.  I’ve got a very special evening lined up with some brilliant entertainers – it’s going to be absolutely fabulous, the date is May 28th.  Of course like many of you I need to suss out if I can actually fit into my dress but I’ve got my Seamstresses on stand by for us all so don’t worry if like me your dress needs a little alteration here and there (out!).  By the way if you would like friends to join you (married or not) they are welcome just so long as they follow the dress code too…. See you all there, it’s going to be fantastic! x