The Pleasure is All Ours!!

The Pleasure is All Ours!!. Mobile Image

Mar 18, 2014

I’m not going to lie, it’s hard work owning a bridal shop sometimes, especially a busy one with lots of customers and lots of staff!  But the truth is (get ready for the cheese) aside from being a Mummy it is one of the most rewarding, challenging and genuinely wonderful things that I will ever do – no doubt!  Sometimes something happens at work and I’m reminded of what an absolute privilege it is being able to assist with the styling of so many amazing people for one of the biggest days of their lives.  And sometimes I’m reminded what an absolute difference that we as bridal consultants can make.  This letter made me cry.  I decided I’d like to share it with you……  That’s all….


Dear Abigail and Team … I’ve tried so many times to start this letter of thanks and upmost gratitude to you personally and to Rob and the team and somehow I can’t muster the words to explain how amazing you all are. The battle that I went through, even to get a dress was outrageous.  As a plus sized lady the amount of shops I visited across Essex and beyond and the amount of times I was told ‘we have nothing in your size’ was heart breaking.  I found so many people that generally couldn’t give a care in the world as to my feelings. Then by chance after really long day I walked past Abigail’s Collection. I rang the bell and was greeted by Rob, he said you had to make an appointment instantly I thought ”not interested in me” but Rob said ”please make an appointment, Abi and the team would love to help you” …. I made the appointment for the following week and from the very first moment I came to see you I felt equal to other brides and not a burden.  Instead you sat with me and my Mum and you listened to me bang on about a dress (you had) and that I’d based everything around it.  And as polite and friendly as you are, you told me that it wasn’t the dress that you could see me in and that it just wasn’t right for me. You then told me that you had a vision of me in another dress but you were a little nervous to show me it but when you did I instantly said ”wow it is beautiful”.  I tried it on ……….. I never felt embarrassed or uncomfortable and you made me feel very special and that hour and a half consultation was all about me. So private and personal.  You wouldn’t even let me have a sneaky peek until you accessorised me. My mum cried and so did I.  When I turned to look myself I was blown away!  I was waiting on that reaction from my mum from day one and I never got it, not until we came to you.  One consultation, one dress and you knew.  After that I bought my daughter’s dress and all the Boy’s hired suits in The Groom’s Room.  Since then I’ve sent four friends to see you, you have looked after all of them and they have all said the same ”amazing”.  Anyone I know who’s getting married or even wants a suit, I send them to you. There is a true gift to what you do, the ability to make all shapes and sizes desirable and the customer service you provide is nothing other than outstanding and second to none.  Any plus size lady or anyone out there who wants to feel truly beautiful should without a doubt, come and see you all.  I love your honesty and passion for what you do. In fact they should make articles about you in magazines, I’d be the first to comment on you! I’m more disappointed that you don’t cater for the everyday fashion industry too.  So that’s why you received the business awards that you have, and so you should!  I only wish that there was other ways that people could know how wonderful you all are then just a simple letter from me saying so.  It just doesn’t do you justice.  I have no doubt in my mind that you will have a blooming bridal shop for many years to come.  Most of all  thank you for being truly amazing and making all of my dreams come true …. Wow, thank you xx