Staff Saturday Night Out

Staff Saturday Night Out. Mobile Image

Sep 01, 2009

This month we decided it was time that we treated ourselves and headed out for some ‘team building’ dinner and drinks in town … some of you may know that Rob and I had the terrible sadness of losing a baby in July 09, at 5 months pregnant I had induced labour and medical termination of a baby girl who had been diagnosed with a severe genetic problem, sadly she would not have made it to full term – the whole thing was awful and without the support of our wonderful staff, family, friends, and customers we could not have managed through our very difficult time! We wanted to say a proper thank you to our staff and our evening out was partly a way of doing that. Other reasons to let our hair down included the celebration of Lisa’s placement at Essex Uni – congratulations Lisa, we know that you’ll do really well and look forward to updates in between all of those novels that you’ll be speed reading!! Kirsty was celebrating her year anniversary with us and we can’t believe that it has already been a year – it has literally flown by! So…. with dinner, drinks and dancing high on the agenda the five of us met at Bar 19. Supper at Zi-Zi’s was great fun, Kirsty proved that she is an unbelievable red hot chilli muncher! Hilariously Lauren’s competitive (and squiffy) side kicked in – she decided to try and be as impressive but literally bit off more than she could chew and dashed off to the toilet to rinse her burning mouth whilst leaving the rest of us in fits of giggles at the table! After Zi-Zi’s we headed to a few bars and saw lots of our lovely Brides and Grooms– here’s hoping that they weren’t put off by our off duty frivolities! Rob coped admirably with us girlies and was introduced to toffee flavoured vodka at the vodka bar on the way to Roberts Nightclub which was an eye opener for all concerned, even Rob danced round a handbag! Sunday was certainly a day of rest for the Abigail’s Collection Team specially after such a late finish. I am sure that I should have been more hung-over; perhaps it was the 3am cheesy chips that saved me! Thanks for a great night Guys, I look forward to next time but maybe with less chilli hey Lauren??!! …