Proposal with a Splash!

Proposal with a Splash!. Mobile Image

Aug 05, 2009

If you’ve been to our wedding dress shop (and enjoyed one of the best bridal shopping experiences in Essex!) then you’ll know that we are often quite nosey and like to ask about the proposal! Until today one of my favourite Essex proposal stories was the Guy who asked his (now) fiancé to marry him over the radio. Now I have a new favourite … a lucky lady was holidaying in Egypt with her Boyfriend. They were doing what all couples should do when visiting Egypt and were snorkelling together around a beautiful coral reef. After a while she noticed that he had his hand in his pocket and diplomatically she swam away thinking that he may be having a wee!!!! (her words not mine, and c’mon, he’s not the only one surely!!?). Little did she know that he was carefully trying to grab the diamond ring that he had in his swimming shorts pocket!! Finally he managed to call her back and romantically he proposed underwater to her without dropping the ring!!! She is thrilled and the couple are set to tie the know at Crabbs Barn followed by a romantic honeymoon in Koh-Samui. Good Luck Anne-Marie and thanks so much for sharing your story, we loved it and you made us all giggle x