New Love and Romance

New Love and Romance. Mobile Image

Mar 30, 2009

Okay so it would be wrong to publish names but we all giggled when Rob (in menswear hire) told us the reason one of our menswear waistcoats was returned completely buttonless was because an Usher had quite literally torn his clothes off during a passionate fling with one of the bridesmaids! Oooo, sounds like the start of a flourishing new Colchester romance!! Our own new love this month is the lovely Lisa who has joined us for a while to support the hectic menswear hire department and our many Saturday bridal and bridesmaids customers. Already proving herself as a real asset, Lisa is a bubbly, kind and friendly person and we love having her around, well done Lisa and welcome to the team! A special mention of congratulations to Jodie and Dan Lowe, it was a pleasure assisting you all with your wedding wear, we are so delighted that your wedding went well and can’t wait to see more pictures, Dan nearly made me cry when he spoke of how beautiful he thought Jodie looked as she walked down the aisle, who says modern men aren’t romantic? Last week saw the arrival of the first of our gorgeous new collection of Divina Sposa wedding dresses, ‘Parma’ is a stunning crinkle and flat taffeta combination which features a striking layered flamenco style skirt…. I have resisted the temptation to put it on myself (last time I put a dress on I nearly got my bottom stuck). I think I’ll leave it to Lauren who absolutely loves it and says ‘It’s such a wow dress, I adore it!’…