National Award Win for Abigail’s Collection Team!!

National Award Win for Abigail’s Collection Team!!. Mobile Image

Mar 20, 2011

Kirsty, Ashleigh, Rob and I have just returned from the British Bridal exhibition in Harrogate, our twice yearly trip to buy new beautiful bridal dresses, stunning bridesmaid dresses,  dashing menswear and gorgeous accessories and wow! What a trip!  We are very pleased and proud (and delighted and excited, and any other fab words you could insert here) to announce that we won the Bridal Buyer’s National award for ‘Best Customer Services team 2011’.  I have to confess that winning a Bridal Buyer award was one of mine and Rob’s personal business ambitions, these awards are the Oscars of our industry and to win this award and to be recognised as the best in the country for customer service is simply amazing!  Our pictures are available to view here on our awards album on facebook click to have a peek!  It’s so exciting for us and our new award currently has pride of place in our store window.  Thank you to everyone who wished us congratulations, to the Judges of course and especially for the kind customer comments that we’ve received.  The biggest thanks of all must go to the dedicated Abigail’s Collection team of eight staff who won us this! A BIG THANK YOU to all of the staff for all being so customer focused, so conscientious and so enthusiastic, it’s the whole team that makes Abigail’s Collection and Rob and I are very proud of everyone ….. Oh I’m getting all gushy and emotional now… back to the blog ….


So whilst we were at the British Bridal Exhibition we brought next season’s dresses – it was really hard; every one of our dress designers show cased at least ten new styles that we loved!  Vintage lace is still a key look, fishtails and fitted satin shapes are strong, ruffles and organza were prevalent and we also kept our eye out for new Princess styles with wow factor too!  There were many gorgeous wedding dress styles to chose from and we just know that our Brides are going to luuuuurve them too!  Actually if we’d brought every dress that we loved we’d need a second and even a third shop!!! Now that’s a plan that’s on the shelf for a while (well at least for this year) as Rob and I are currently celebrating being 6 months pregnant, she is doing fabulously and is currently a very happy healthy (and kicking) little poppet.  Am really enjoying pregnancy again and we’re due on July 5th and we’re soooo excited that we can start planning our Nursery again.  Thank goodness that we have a fab team (a-hem, ‘award winning’, a-hem a-hem) headed by our brilliant shop Manager Kirsty who’ll look after things with Rob for a little while whilst I’m not around and up to my ears in nappies and baby bottles!!!?? Help … wish me luck!