How Can I Get The Most Out Of Bridesmaid Dress Shopping?

How Can I Get The Most Out Of Bridesmaid Dress Shopping?

How Can I Get The Most Out Of Bridesmaid Dress Shopping?. Mobile Image

Apr 20, 2016

So the date is set! Your amazing wedding gown is on order! Now is the time to kit out your gorgeous bridesmaids with a fabulous look that they’ll love. It sounds easy but in truth this is one area that can go a little Pete Tong for the bride. Picture this; three bridesmaids with different body shapes, all different heights and each with VERY different style ideas. Here’s a few tips to ensure that all of your girls enjoy bridesmaids dress shopping with you.


1. Arrange a pre shopping get together


Suggest a time for you to get together BEFORE hitting the shops so that you can share and chat through your vision of your wedding and discuss style ideas together. In truth this is really so that you (the bride) have the opportunity to really express your style and colour ideas whilst obtaining feedback from your girls on their preferences too. Hopefully by doing this when you do hit the shops you’ll be a bit clearer on what it is you’re looking for together.


2. If colour is in important


At the start of your bridesmaids shopping appointment make sure that you study swatches of available bridesmaid’s gowns first, there is nothing worse than finding a gown you love but realising it cannot be made in your specific shade of aqua!


3. Mix & match


If your bridesmaids really do vary in terms of their own style preferences (or body shape) you could consider same colour, different dress. Hopefully a win win for everyone, this option shows styling confidence and expresses your bridesmaids individual personalities too.


4. Time is of the essence


Most bridal shops need at least 4 months to get your bridesmaids gowns made, ideally you’ll be shopping for your bridesmaids gowns at least 6 -12 months before the wedding. It is a plus to get your gowns ordered ASAP because menswear can then be chosen which often directly relates to the colours selected for bridesmaids.


5. Beware of high street and online purchases


Our bridesmaids gowns start at £110 and are made especially for your bridesmaids on that bases you can be confident that nobody else will be wearing the same dress. Buy on the high street however and you do risk guests attending in the same dress (it happens, its mortifying) Be very careful with online overseas cheap gowns very often the sizing is inaccurate and the quality is poor plus once you’ve added shipping you’re not saving a huge amount. We are often asked to come to the rescue when dresses have been exceptionally disappointing


We are often told we have one of the best selection of bridesmaid’s dresses in Essex, we are based in Colchester town centre on the high street which is half way between Ipswich and Chelmsford. All of our appointments are entirely private with the whole department dedicated to you! … Be sure to book on 01206 574575 and click here for more information on your gorgeous collection of bridesmaids gowns.