Buying, Boogieing and Cheesy Chips!

Buying, Boogieing and Cheesy Chips!

Buying, Boogieing and Cheesy Chips!. Mobile Image

Sep 15, 2014

We’re just back from Harrogate (the British Bridal trade expo) where we do our wedding dress, bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride and menswear buying each season and Boy oh Boy we are sooooo excited!  We’ve bought some more gorgeous new curvy girl wedding dresses for our beautiful plus size ladies from the award winning Sonsie label.  Also selected were some extremely stunning new wedding dresses for our main 2015/16 bridal collection. We’ve got lace, we’ve got texture, we’ve got drama and we’ve got elegance!!  The new bridal styles that we’ve chosen from our designers are simply divine, we are thrilled with the new designs! And we’ve totally nailed our new look Mother of the Bride collection with some beautiful new designs sourced for their drop dead gorgeous look and ultra impressive (and accessible) Mother of the Bride price tag!!!


Rob got busy shopping for the latest for our trendy Gents in The Groom’s Room where we continue to offer tailor made, bespoke and ultra smart hire wedding suits, all at amazing prices and still extremely well made and cut! Before visiting Harrogate, we asked you, our amazing customers what it was that you wanted from us and basically that’s what we’ve just popped out and bought!  Sure we went a little nuts with all of the razzle and the dazzle!  We swooned at the swishy fabrics on the catwalk and Oooo’d at the bridal bling, you could say that we’re all terribly excited and we just know that our Brides and Grooms are going to L O V E what Abigail’s Collection has to offer going forward!


Eeeeek, excited, us?  Naaaah, not much lol lol …. just wait and see ….


PS – Okay sure, we didn’t win Menswear Retailer of the Year this time which was disappointing  BUT we’re not really doing badly having won 16 awards to date including two Bridal Buyer Oscars and 5 customer service beaut’s so all in all we can’t really complain about our awards record and anyway, you win some, you lose some….. and yes we really did party the night away regardless, it was as they say, a total blast and we had such a great evening.  The glamour and glitz came to a major halt however when we decided that we needed cheesy chips in order to avoid a major hangover!  So we all tottered (in our tuxes,  heels and long evening gowns) to a classy kebab!!  And yes I can confirm that thankfully hangovers were averted, phew!