Bridal Fashion Focus – Anything Goes

Bridal Fashion Focus – Anything Goes. Mobile Image

Sep 22, 2010

Ooooo my kidney’s ache!! I think it’s as a result of over indulgence at the weekend!  You see twice yearly we attend Europe’s largest bridal exhibition, it’s where we do our buying of next Season’s beautiful new wedding dresses and stunning accessories.  So last weekend Kirsty (our Shop Manager), Rob (my Husband & Joint Proprietor) and I set off to Harrogate.  Kirsty and I packed waaaaay to much but were sensible about taking comfortable shoes at least, I think we’ve learnt that lesson over the years!  The weekend basically consists of many hours walking around flood lit halls overflowing with rails upon rails of stunning dresses, a few to many glasses of wine in the evenings, the catwalk fashion shows, three course dinners (three nights in a row!!) and finally it finished with a special treat visit to Betty’s Tea Rooms for Scones with jam & cream before heading home!  So you can see why my kidneys ache – I’m on a detox as we speak!  We had a really great time and although we did lots of buying by day we had a great time at night too.  So whats happening in the world of bridal fashion?  Well dress wise the forthcoming season is crammed full of drama!  I think that bridal fashion is at its most exciting and is becoming progressively more daring and bold.   A wedding dress these days really can be whatever you want it to be! Short dresses were big catwalk news at the European shows earlier this year and the British Bridal Exhibition has followed by showcasing Designer’s best in cute puffy dresses and swinging sixties inspired ballerina lengths too.  Longer lengths continue to feature opulent detail and  layered skirts.  Designers are experimenting with silhouettes such as ballgown dress shapes featuring ruched and crinkled fabrics with randomly slashed organza insets.  Altogether with Brides becoming braver and styles bolder, it really is a case of anything goes!  Menswear waistcoat fashion for 2011 continues to see an increase in the return of the paisley print and smart navy suits set with crisp white shirts are set to increase in popularity.  Bridesmaid dresses continue to delight and inspire in both long and shorter lengths.  From floor length and ultra glamorous to vintage inspired short strappy chiffons there really is something for everyone and many fabulously different ways to dress your wedding party for the ultimate day of your dreams!