A Big Day, A Big Deal.

A Big Day, A Big Deal.

A Big Day, A Big Deal.. Mobile Image

Aug 11, 2014

Let’s face it – your wedding day is a BIG day! It’s huge! It’s the one day when you really have to look and feel your most fabulous! It’s the one day when all eyes are on you, when you have to dig deep into that bag of positive self esteem and drag from it all of the self confidence that you possibly can. I’ve been there too and although in the main I’m quite a confident person I’ll be honest looking back at my wedding day and (particularly) to the build up to it I know that I was actually extremely nervous and the pressure of how I was going to look for what felt like the performance of a lifetime was actually a lot for me to deal with! I got stressed, I got vain, I got emotional and I got caught up with the notion of chasing a sort of bridal perfection!!!


I think these days it’s a big deal for most Brides whatever their look, size, shape or physical insecurities are – And most Brides have them you know; at the time of my wedding I was insecure about a tonne of stuff! For me it was my ears (one’s smaller, no hole, it’s deformed basically), my boobs – back then I was a 32AA (concave), Oh and I hated my upper arms (still do) and at a dress size 14 I needed a wedding dress that was going to pinch me in at the waist and skim off my curvy hips. Oh yes and to top it all off I get that major blotchy red rash up my neck and face when I’m feeling self conscious, or if I drink wine!??! Both of which I did on my wedding day – All in all quite marvellous, not, lol….


But looking back and in the grand scheme of things I didn’t really have a great amount to worry about. I was marrying the man that loved me (and still does), that wanted to spend the rest of his life with me warts and all (nope, don’t have any of those)….. my friends, family and loved ones were there were to support me on my big day, not judge me. And to be honest any that might have dared to ‘judge’, well quite frankly they could jolly well judge off!


The moral of this here little blog is this; Celebrate your imperfections, celebrate your bridal style whatever that may be, bin the OTT vanity, have fun planning your wedding, don’t let the bridal pressure of looking amazing get to you and spoil it. Remember the day is all about you and your loved one saying ‘I do’, it may feel like a performance but in truth it’s your wedding ceremony, and it will, I’m pretty sure by a beautiful, fabulous day! …. Don’t forget for morale support, styling advice and assistance with any aspect of your wedding day outfits, just shout, we’re here to help you any which way we can x